Virtualbox on PFsense

  • Hello,

    I would want to install virtualbox on top of pfsense. Has anyone done this? Does anyone have any ideea if this could work?
    I searched the forum but I did not find anything on this topic.

    Thank you!

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    In theory I suppose it would be possible to install a headless virtualbox-ose setup. But you'd have to manually install the FreeBSD package for it, and you wouldn't have a GUI to manage the VM settings. There may be a console-based vm config system that I'm not aware of, or you could setup a VM on a system that has the GUI as well and then copy over the files.

    I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable doing that on a firewall, but that's me.

  • Thank you for the quick reply.
    The setup I had in mind was something like this:
    The machine created elseware and just started stopped on the pfsense box.
    The virtualbox-ose instaled from the bsd repository.
    The firewall at the location is not critical it is a lan with 10 computers. I already have a stendby pentium 2 computer that needs only to be started if the main one fails.

    The thing is that I had another machine, xenserver on it and pfsense inside a vm. but it is dificult not to have a console directly on the firewall when I make a mistake and accidentaly cut my access to the firewall(I am offsite). That is why I wanted to have the firewall software as the first layer.

  • Couldn't you create yourself a backdoor? Like a private VPN just in case you do and make sure you make the rule to access the vpn one of the first rules. Or modify the kernel of the xen server to give you a backdoor on boot similar to this article.

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