Captiveportal.html -> .php

  • Hello!
    How i can modify captiveportal.html (auth page) to captiveportal.php ? I need include some text from internet, but include (php) dont work in html doc.

    Captiveportal.html is located in /var/etc, but where is config file, which defines that captiveportal.html is auth page?

  • That is hardcoded. Upload your php page as captiveportal element and as html-page just a immediate metaredirect to the php page.

  • you captiveportal.html will look somting like this:

    <title>Captive portal php redirect</title>
          CONTENT="5; URL="captiveportal.php">

  • I want to make php suported by defult… but before I mess it up, do you know why PHP is not supported (natively) as of now?

  • m0n0 doesn't support php on the captive portal and as we ported over their captive portal 1:1 you have to do it with that redirect. We don't want to change too much on the captive portal code to stay syncable with their implementation.

  • yea i know syncing is hard…
    so then I'll speak to Jonathan to find out if we can change to native php support in mono

    PS: Why it takes 16sec to bring up the CP page comparing to 3 sec in mono?

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