Wireless Setup question - Wireless Printing

  • I'm currently running PFSense 1.2.3 on a Dell Precision M2300 laptop.

    The WAN interface is the built-in Broadcom (bge0)

    The LAN interface is a USB D-Link DUB-E100 (axe0)

    The OPT1 port is a Linksys WPC54G version 7.1 (ath0)

    The ath0 is setup as an Access Point.  I have one problem currently though.

    Whenever I check the "Allow intra-BSS communication" box, all my wireless clients disconnect.

    The only reason I need to check this is so I can have all my wireless clients access the wireless printer I have.

    I wasn't sure if I created firewall rules to allow traffic between my clients and the printer specifically would work or not.  I tried it, but with no luck.

    Does anyone have any suggestions, or tips for a n00b?  Thanks in advance for the help.

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