Bridging Interfaces

  • hello,

    is bridging the only way to make one net access to another???


    eth1 is internet and eth2 network/lan

    when lan clients should access to internet, have i to bridge the interfaces? or can i configure lan-clients with firewall rules to access internet interface?

    thanks for reply!

  • No, normally you'd using routing or NAT.

    In your case, simply configure "eth1" as the WAN interface and "eth2" as the LAN.  pfSense will take care of the rest.

  • good morning,

    when i configure f.e.

    eth1 to lan (switch) and eth2 to wan (direct router connection)….

    eth1 lan clients cant access internet or ping google!

    after bridging was success!

    what have i to done without bridging to success a ping ?

    eth1 is in switch
    eth2 direct in router

    THANKS for help

  • Configure appropriate firewall rules.

    For more helpful answers you need to provide more information, not least of which are your IP ranges in use on your LAN and a screenshot of your firewall rules for your LAN interface.  Details of your pfSense version would be useful, as will be details of any other changes you've made to the default configuration.  If it's working bridged then I'm guessing that you've got another router connecting your to your ISP that you've not yet mentioned.

    If you are uncertain, reset your pfSense install to defaults before continuing.

  • pfsense 1.2.3-release (stable)


    eth0 = / 24  - wan (gateway, dns
    eth1 = / 24 - lan
    opt0 = / 24 - wan2 (gateway

    i want to use over lan (eth1) f.e. only wan2 connection over gateway and dns

    how can i do this?


  • Your WAN and LAN are one the same network, which means it is impossible to route between them. Try this instead:

    eth0 = / 24  - wan (gateway, dns
    eth1 = / 24 - lan
    opt0 = / 24 - wan2 (gateway

    What are your 2 gateways in this example? Is pfsense connected to a couple of routers? modems? modems in router mode?

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