Firewall rule for work question

  • I am going back to work and have to make firewall rule changes.  I have brought up interface 5 on my firebox 500.  I have give it a ip address of 192.168.19.x.

    This is just a precaution since I have been on short term disability and just going back to work.  I want to make sure that none of my traffic from my internal networks shows up at work.

    Right now I have the following configuration:
    RE0 - WAN
    RE1 - Internal / primary wireless 192.168.14.x
    RE2 - Secondary wireless (monitored for visitors and internal use)
    RE3 - Vonage (only device connected (IP scheme one device)
    RE4 - My workstation
    RE5 - My work laptop

    I am having two problems: 
    1.  My solar windows device monitor can't pull the status via IP or MID of the firewall to show the status
    2.  What rules do I need to build to make sure that interface 5 can only see the printer on RE1 and not else.  and don of the other interfaces can connect to my laptop.

    Any help with the rules would be very beneficial.

  • Here is what I have built so far

    • OPT4 net * WAN address * *   Work Segment

    *      TCP 192.168.14.x * OPT4 net * * Access to printer

    • ICMP 192.168.14.x * OPT4 net * * ping access to firewall

    • TCP OPT1 net * OPT4 net * * limiting access to 192.168.14.x

    • TCP OPT2 net * OPT4 net * * limiting access to 192.168.15.x

    • TCP OPT3 net * OPT4 net * * limiting access  to 192.168.17.x

    I hope I headed in the right direction.  I just want to make sure that the business and home network is completely separated.  I may have to make additions and subtractions based on the new equipment that I am issued.  Any thoughts on the direction that I am headed?

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