Captive Portal session disconnect before timeout configuration

  • I'm using CP on pfsense 1.0.1

    my network diagram , client have many segment connected to L3 switch.
    after that route to pfsense server that enable Captive portal and disable Firewall.

    I've got problem
    Client have been disconnect before idle-timeout , session-timeout
    and After authentication form appear  I can not pass CP authentication because session information still exist.

    How can I solve this problem…

  • I'm not the expert here…that is for sure, but how long are your DHCP leases?

    I know that will cause issues if they are shorter than your timeouts in the CP.

  • Make sure your users are seen by their individual mac adresses/IP-Adresses. There are some broken firmwares out for accesspoints that let all the users see coming from the same macadress. In that case the user that logs on later will log out the previous logged in user. There are some options to work around this at the cp settings page. Might be the case in your setup or maybe your users are behind another nat and are coming from the same IP/mac?

  • My Captive portal configuration has "disable MAC filtering" already.

    because my client must be route to pfSense with different network.

    I'm not using DHCP , every client has static IP address and point gateway to L3 switch before route to pfSense

  • Does the router between the clients and the pfSense do nat?

  • No NAT

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