Lan to dmz problem

  • Hello everyone,
    I have a problema on my pfsense, ver 1.2.3., about dmz access from lan.
    This is config.: 2 wan (public addresses), 1 lan, and 1 dmz (opt, private address)

    Even if allowing all traffic from lan to dmz (lan subnet to dmz subnet) I cannot access a server placed in that subnet (this server has 2 nic's, the "dmz" with no gateway and another one for other purposes).
    (I'm trying to substitute my firewall with pfsense, but with the current one it works)

    Pings from firewall to this machine are successfull, but not from lan!

    I read  many posts about it, but I could not find any proper solution.

    Please, help me. I hope I've been clear enough.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Try setting a static route on your server so that it knows how to route the traffic back to the LAN.

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