Problem Accessing WebGui

  • hello,

    I am a new Pfsense user (sorry for my english). I have to build a captive portal in a small university and i found many docs on Pfsense very usefull but i did not found anything on this problem. (only people who can't ping Pfsense host, but in my case no problem with that)

    The problem is i can't acces to the webGui.
    I can ping the Pfsense Host (my case from both lan clients (in dhcp) whatever using ethernet or wifi, but browsers (firefox & IE) on these clients with different os & computers model tel me that the Pfsense is too long to answer. i have no problem to surf on the web. I'm testing with the lower security level in both browsers, same result)

    i did not changed anything in the pfsense installation, just gave him the both cards names and specify the lan ip, with a 24 submask.
    There is no firewall running on the clients, i know google is my friend but really i can't find any solution since 10 days.

    can anyone please help me ?
    Thanks a lot !!!

  • Same problem after load bios default configuration.
    Everything going fine except the webgui problem.

    Thanks for help  :)

  • Did you give the pfSense host the IP  If so it's no wonder you can't access it - that for a /24 network is the network address and can't be assigned to a host (neither can

    Try giving it the IP instead.

  • Hello,

    You were wright now it works fine.
    Sorry for my noob question and thanks a lot !

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