Can I limit sessions per login?

  • I was originally trying to do this with pptp but couldn't get any help. I want to allow a few groups of people access to my vpn but I want to make sure they only have one connection per login(NOT PER IP). Is there any way with openVPN on pfsense either current or the 2.0 beta to do this? Right now it seems as long as you have all the keys and pass auth you can open as many openVPN sessions as you like.

  • Unless you've explicitly set it (with –duplicate-cn), the default is for any certificate only to be able to connect once.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Just be aware that it doesn't prevent the new login, it kicks off the old one. So if someone leaves a PC hooked up and tries to reconnect from another, they'll just bounce back and forth.

  • hi,

    so there is no way the server can deny a second connection with same certificate?


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