Squid > pfsense

  • Hi guys,

    need your help on how to setup, i had my separate squid server that will connect to my pfsense router. here's it is.

    vlans > squid server > pfsense



    em0 -
    em1 - WAN
    em2 - pfsync
    em3 - VLAN

    1. what gateway will my vlan to use that will pass to my squid server
    2. where can i configure to route all vlans to use the gateway of the squid
    3. do i need to have more interface cards in my squid server
    4. any suggestions with the setup?

    thank you for your time.


  • There are a lot of solutions for this, but really depends on your local setup.

    For your VLANs, do you have routing switches?

    If so, it will make it easier as you can set the default route on the core switch to the squid server.  Then the squid will point to the firewall.  At this point, I would setup outbound filtering so that only your Internet services and squid server are allowed to connect to the Internet.

    Otherwise, you may look at using the squid service on the firewall if you use the firewall for your VLAN configuration.

  • Do I need to setup multiple NIC on my squid server for each subnets of VLANs?

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