Hosted Radius

  • Anyone have experience with a hosted Radius service?  I have a customer with 8 remote sites and I am looking at deploying these as the firewalls/IPSEC VPN at all sites.  I am planning to use the secondary ethernet port for captive portal but would like it associated with a hosted radius service.

    They have about 100 agents who use there laptops at the offices.  This is only to control access and not for metering or billing.

    I am looking at hosted since they do not have an in house IT department and cannot afford for the auth to fail due to a radius server at their corp site going down.



  • @kapara:

    Anyone have experience with a hosted Radius service?

    Haven't heard of any such thing for just RADIUS, some offer RADIUS in combination with billing, user management, etc. for portal type deployments, but it sounds like that's probably overkill for what you're looking to accomplish. You can configure multiple RADIUS servers for redundancy. If they have Active Directory internally or something similar you could setup RADIUS on a couple Windows servers at two different locations and accomplish that. If there isn't any centralized authentication inside the network, for that basic requirement you might as well install the FreeRADIUS package on a couple of the firewalls and use it.

  • Thanks.  I am going to try it…

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