All Firewall Rules Deleted, Yet 50+ Rules Active?

  • Hello,
    I wanted to start with a clean slate when creating firewall rules and deleted all preconfigured rules for LAN and WAN. Both interfaces now show no rules are set. However, when I log in to the machine via console, open pfTop and show Rules, I have over 50 current rules in that list (e.g. 0 P I 0 0 0 all, or 2 B I Q tcp 0 0 0 drop from any port = 0 to any, or 8 B I Q drop inet6 all, or 11 P I Q lo0 K 0 0 0 all flags S/SA). What are those rules and why are they in pfTop, but not in the rules interface? Are they necessary? I'd rather have a blank rule set and go from there with everything added explicitly by me.


  • Those are local loopback rules and such used internally by pfSense so that it's functions work.  They're not the same as the ruleset exposed directly to the end user.

    For example,  8 B I Q drop inet6 all means to drop all ipv6 traffic because you have not enabled ipv6 in the webgui.  lo0 is the local loopback interface so on and so forth.

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