PfSense freezes when touching VLANs

  • Apologies if I chose the wrong forum for this - I have several pfSense boxes running 1.2.3-CDROM with USB storage on IBM x335 (and family) servers.  Every time I touch the VLAN configurations (adding/changing/deleting a VLAN or adding a new OPT interface tied to a VLAN) in the webconfiguration via an OpenVPN connection, I lose access to the webconfig + SSH interfaces (over the VPN - I can't leave the WAN open all the time) until I do a physical reboot.  There are 2 physical NICs - a WAN NIC with or without VLANs (I have both setups which get this issue) and a LAN NIC with only VLAN tagged traffic (nothing on VLAN 1 in case that's a significant detail)

    The firewall seems to keep working - I can connect to the OpenVPN, packets go through the FW, everything else seems normal (though recently one [or more - but not ALL] of the site-to-site IPSec links I have seemed to stop until after the reboot); I just can't get to the configuration.

    Has anyone experienced something similar, or do any more experienced people have any sort of hunch on what might be causing this?

  • Does the VPN continue to work at all? When you mess with VLANs and/or interface assignments in 1.2.3 it goes through and reconfigures the interfaces which causes a hiccup in connectivity for a few seconds (it's much less invasive in 2.0), but I've never seen that cause any problems aside from having to wait a few seconds.