Wireless wan, wired lan. not working

  • wireless router:

    wan configurations
    lan configurations

    my lan clients cannot access the internet

    the pfsense router can ping anything wan or lan so the wireless connection is a good one

    other wireless clients can ping

    is their maybe something i missed that is standard i am kinda new?

  • Sounds like a NAT or firewallrule issue to me. Anything special configured?

  • nothing special its a freshinstall of pfsense + change lan ip

  • FYI: use inhouse adresses on lan. is not a innhouse address.
    These are: through through through

  • another problem might be:
    Interfaces –> WAN --> Block private networks

    When set, this option blocks traffic from IP addresses that are reserved for private
    networks as per RFC 1918 (10/8, 172.16/12, 192.168/16) as well as loopback addresses
    (127/8). You should generally leave this option turned on, unless your WAN network
    lies in such a private address space, too.

    since your WAN lies in such a private address range you have to uncheck this checkbox

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