Problem with CP and Vouchers

  • I have got a problem with CP. I cant recieve answer in Russian part of forum, so i decide to post here =).

    To do list:

    1. DHCP (Lan) (Working)
    2. After entering any web site redirect to authentification portal(Working)
    3. Enter voucher on portal
    4. Recieve 30 day of internet (42200 mins)
    5. When time expire enter new card

    I have some problems after 2 step.

    U may just click continue with blank field for key and u will recieve internet.
    after voucher expires internet working on client machine.

    Can smb help me solve this problem.

    Current version: 2.0-BETA5        Built On: Mon Jan  3 01:22:39 EST 2011

    Sry for my English…

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What do you have selected on the CP config under "Authentication"? If it's set to "No Authentication" then people can click through. It should be set for the local user manager, I think.

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