Port forwarding being wonky [SOLVED]

  • I had my pfsense server workign really well for about a year until recently it's not working properly all of ports I setup ended up being forward to ssh port… so it had never happen before until now.

  • What did you change?

    Please provide a screenshot of your port forwarding and if you use aliases the aliases.

  • Just added Squid & lightsquid few days ago, it turned out simple reboot fixed this issues… pretty odd eh? at least it's working and thanks you for taking your time to reply to this topic and much appreciated!


  • firestrife23,

    What made you think ALL ports were being port forwarded to SSH port recently.?
    Did you manually add a port number(proxy port #) in the Squid config after installing Squid initially( in the WEBui)?
    I would guess that was in fact your prob as you stated this prob didn't happen until you installed Squid and lightsquid.
    Just trying to help things make sense,rather wondering why a reboot fixed your port forwarding, or so it seemed, problem.