Wireless AP can not comunicate with some clients

  • Hello,
    I have problem with PFSense 2.0 - my idea is to change my current Mikrotik wifi AP (main router in my network) to faster computer with PFSense - but always when i tried this:
    some clients work without problems
    some clients don't work - they are connected without problems but they can't ping anything (default gw, other clients,…)

    • for example - I have 5 gateways for static routes - 2 of them works, 3 of them not
      few facts:
      some clients are bridged - don't work - I tried only one of them
      some clients are behind NAT - some of them works, others not
      some client are in other net - using routes - some of them works others not
      some clients are connected directly (without router) - I tried only me, but it was fully working

    It looks like PFSense doesn't like some clients - but I can't find some depending rule for that. When i'm testing it at home everything works, but on real network is situation same as described above - but it is main AP - it is really hard to try what works and what not in real use... - clients needs their connection...
    Any ideas? Thank you for your answer and time. If you want some more information ask for them... ;)

  • arg,

    Post a screenshot of your static routes page from pfSense.
    Do you have ALL encryption disabled on the AP you are using with pfSense ?.If you have some sort of encrption/security enabled on whatever AP you are using disable this until you get the clients that can NOT connect to connect transparently,without hiccups,then re-enable the AP encryption.
    Try doing traceroute from the pfSense gui to a client that successfully connects,then do the same routine to a clients ip address that does not connect. Does the clients "see" the AP and never acquires an ip address,though? See what the differences are.


  • You probably have multiple problems and should address them one at a time.

    Some examples of wireless problems I have encountered on my home network with 4 laptops: 1 x Linux, 1 x Win 7 64 bit, 2 x Win XP.

    The wireless link on the Linux system broke when I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04. I had to change encryption parameters on the laptop.

    Separately (and some weeks apart) the two Win XP systems stopped getting DHCP addresses. It needed a Windows registry change to fix the problem. (I suspect a Windows update broke something.)

    In all of this the pfSense software was unchanged.

    You might have to run the two APs concurrently until you shake out the problems. Move clients over one at a time and (if you can) watch them as they do their network activity so you better understand not only what they are attempting to do but how they attempting to do it.

    There is a good number of readers of these forums who are prepared to be helpful. In nearly all cases they will need more information than "doesn't work". If you provide a problem report along the lines of I did … and I saw ... but I expected to see ...  you make it a bit easier for others to help you.

  • Hello,
    thank you for your ideas, I'll try that even it is little bit hard to try some of your ideas or real network but maybe it will be necessary… Thank you for your time,
    have a nice day