Pfsense does not route through the openvpn tunnel [solved]

  • local net:
    foreign net:

    opevpn client configuration (pfsense):
    Protocol: TCP
    Server address: <ip address="" openvpn="" server="">Server port: 443
    Interface IP: empty
    Remote network: empty
    Proxy Host: empty
    Authentication method: PKI

    OpenVPN Server configuration (Debian Lenny):
    port 443
    proto tcp-server
    dev tap1
    mode server
    push "route"
    ping-restart 60
    ping 10

    pfsense rules:
    Proto Source Port Destination Port Gateway Schedule Description

    • LAN net * * * *   Default LAN -> any

    Systemlog | OpenVPN:
    openvpn[37775]: Initialization Sequence Completed
    openvpn[37105]: SIGTERM[hard,] received, process exiting
    openvpn[37775]: /etc/rc.filter_configure tap0 1500 1576 init
    openvpn[37775]: /sbin/ifconfig tap0 netmask mtu 1500 up
    openvpn[37775]: TUN/TAP device /dev/tap0 opened
    openvpn[37775]: gw <ip address="">openvpn[37775]: [firewall] Peer Connection Initiated with <ip address="" openvpnserver="">:443
    openvpn[37775]: TCPv4_CLIENT link remote: <ip address="" openvpnserver="">:443
    openvpn[37775]: TCPv4_CLIENT link local: [undef]
    openvpn[37775]: TCP connection established with <ip address="" openvpnserver="">:443
    openvpn[37775]: Attempting to establish TCP connection with <ip address="" openvpnserver="">:443

    Diagnostics: Routing tables:
    Destination Gateway Flags Refs Use Mtu Netif Expire
    default <ip address="">UGS 0 13919946 1492 ng0 UGS 0 576 1500 tap0

    pfsense is able to traceroute and ping clients on the "foreign net":
    Traceroute output:
    1  localhost (  54.033 ms  50.297 ms  53.835 ms
    2  localhost (  51.025 ms  50.770 ms  53.766 ms

    So, as far as I see everything should work. If I try to connect from a client of the local subnet (eg to a client of the foreign net ( the firewall logs does not show any problems (if I enable logging on the default rule, it even shows that the connection was acceppted), but the connections fails. I tried Port 3389, 80, 143, none is working.

    When I traceroute to the client on the foreign net:


    1     1 ms     1 ms     1 ms  firewall.local []
     2     *        *        *     timeout
     3     *        *        *     timeout

    Can somebody give me a hint?</ip></ip></ip></ip></ip></ip></ip>

  • manually add route here –->

  • I added manually the route –> gw

    now I have two similar routes, but it is still not working

  • nobody?

  • Don't manually add routes. From your description, the remote side is missing a route back to your LAN.

  • Thank you very very much! Could not see the wood for the trees….