• Hi,
    This is my first post here, so be gentle with me.  I have just installed pfSense and made some NAT and firewall rules, everything works fine from outside my network, for example, people can connect to my FTP server.  If, however, I want to connect to FTP through my external IP, it doesn't work.  The same is true for TCP port 80, however, people from outside my office can see my apache server.  If I try to connect to my apache server using its external IP address, I cannot connect.

    Does anyone have any idea what I have done wrong?

    I amm completely new to this, before pfSense I had an Asu* Router (out of the box solution).

    Thank you in advance for any help!

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  • have managet to make it work…from outside my office (all world)
    Have problems from acessing anyting from inside my office, like if i go to some web page where the images are on my local network apache server, i cannot see..like the rulle is right for all the world but not my private network?
    but now im NOT 100% i made the rulles right.....
    how i have made the rulles

    1. rulle: for my Apache (HTTP) server
    Interface: WAN
    Source: Any
    Destination: my internal Apache IP
    Destination porta: HTTP

    2. FTP (same settings)
    and so on...

    and the LAST rulle should block all other traffic:
    Interface: Wan
    Source: Andy
    Destination: NOT Any
    Destination porta: any

    Can please anyone help me :P

  • To get your webserver to work from the inside, try to activate nat reflection in System -> Advanced

  • Is this normal??
    all ports al routed to local address of apache and port 80
    Screen shot in attachment

  • Seems normal to me.

  • Are you running 2.0 (if so, which build) or 1.2.3?
    If you are running 2.0 recent build, there seems to be a problem with NAT reflection. I haven't checked the status on that in a while, so it might be fixed.
    Are you running 1:1 NAT or port forwarding?
    Did you turn on NAT reflection as was suggested?

  • i have enabeled NAT reflection… works now ok...
    Thank you guys!