Update: Random account generator for captiveportal.

  • Update:

    I wrote some more code and now this incluse:
    Gui for

    • account managent
    • generating accounts
    • downloading files
    • account search
    • some reporting

    I also added script in my page which put accounts in reject state after use.


    • Ville



    I make little program which generate random accounts and save those accounts in rtf-format.
    This first public version, but it works (hope so :) ).

    You can dl it for my web page http://leinonen.org/pfsense.html (Network account generator).

    I hope that you tell me what you like it. There is readme file which includes some to do things.



  • it would be nice if the install guide was more full
    personally, i couldn't use it after install normally
    i get some strange errors like

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: mysql_connect() in /usr/local/www/ACG/index.php on line 44

    in the GUI

  • his scripts are for a freeradius version that uses a mysql database
    the pfsense freeradius version uses files for its user database
    and the pfsense php don't have mysql suport

    thats is why you get those errors

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