OpenVPN tcp AND udp | using bridge as interface?

  • Hi,

    I want to set up a openvpn server that is capable to support tcp and udp for the
    same vpn network. To achieve that I need 2 openvpn server processes one for
    udp and one for tcp:
    So the steps I've done so far:

    • udp openvpn server (tap0)
    • tcp openvpn server (tap1)
    • bridge tap0 tap1
    • setup bridge0 ip/mask

    So connection to the openvpn servers works fine, but all access to the bridge
    is blocked. So my main questions are, is it possible to use a bridge as interface
    or do I need a special virtual interface to achive that? Or are there completely
    different approaches for server TCP and UDP

    Thx in advance