How to advise me for Install pfsense to VMware ESXi4

  • Dear everyone
    I would like to ask everyone to help me. how to install pfsense 1.2.3
    into VMware ESXi4. I never have a experience about the VMware before. Please I need someone guide me to install that file and start it on VMware

    Ps.. I download a file the Pfsense for VMware on the internet already.

    Pls advise me Step by step..


  • 1. create VM on ESX
    2. create 2 virtual switches on ESX, one for pfsense WAN, one for pfsense LAN
    3.  assign one physical nic to each switch created  in step 2.
    4.  copy pfsense iso image to ESX datastore
    5.  configure VM created in step 1 to boot from this iso image
    6.  power on VM and follow prompts to load and configure pfsense.
    7.  assign nics during pfsense install as appropriate
    8. set up pfsense for your network topology

    that is it in a nutshell