Bridged with lan, wireless no longer doing dhcp

  • To explain it better, none of my laptops, wii or my blackberry can connect to my pfsense box any more. It use to at one point, I rarely use the wireless since most of my home is gigabit. It only occurred to me today when I was fixing a laptop, and tried to connect to the wireless, I thought the internal wireless on the laptop died because it worked at the clients house. I tried my blackberry and my laptop it won't connect.

    This is how it's setup in pfsense:

    Bridge with Lan
    Access point
    Protection mode RTS and CTS
    channel 11g Turbo - 6

    After messing about with three laptops and my Blackberry, I decided to do an experiment. I removed the wireless security and left it open, still nothing could connect. Mess with some wireless standards between b/g/G Turbo, that didn't work. I thought the wireless nic was dead in the pfsense box. Then I tired once more and changed "bridge with lan," to none and set its ip address to and enabled dhcp on it. Now all the devices CAN connect and get to the internet.

    Change it back to bridge with lan, with no wireless security and all devices can no longer connect.

    It looks to me as dhcp is not handing IP's out on the wireless.

    With "bridge to lan" It suppose to right?

    Yes DHCP is enabled on lan.
    There is a rule set for internet traffic.
    I've rebooted the pfsense box and that does nothing. I'm wondering if something broke with pfsense?

    Any ideas what could be the problem?
    Any help appreciated…

  • You need firewall rules on the wireless LAN interface to allow DHCP traffic. There are a number of posts in the forums giving suitable rules.

  • Yeah hopefully this is the correct rule set.
    It used to work fine before with just wifi subnet rule, but for whatever reason something either was broken and manged to correct itself, or something was working as intended and broke itself.

    Which one should it be rules or rules2?

  • I think the requirement for firewall rules to allow DHCP traffic on bridged interfaces was new in pfSense 1.2.3.

    I think either ruleset will allow DHCP traffic. Depending on your security requirements you might want to tighten up the rules.

  • Just as long its not accepting anything from the wan or dmz side.

    down below is my dmz rules.

  • you want a rule on the wifi with source of and destination of, everything else is any (*).

  • @XIII:

    you want a rule on the wifi with source of and destination of, everything else is any (*).

    What does it do?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That rule allows DHCP traffic.

    DHCP traffic doesn't yet have a "subnet" it's all completely broadcast, source destination

  • So basically like this?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If wifi is bridged to LAN, there is no such thing as "wifi subnet' because wifi has no IP, it's briged. :-)

    So use LAN subnet there.

  • Ok changed it to this so is this correct?

    What about DMZ? Do I need to do anything in there?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Should be OK except that you don't need the 'wifi net' rules, because of what I said before. If wifi is bridged to LAN, it has no subnet.

  • Thank you all, I think I'm all set. The wifi is working again and my rules are set up correctly now.