• @stephenw10:

    That should work fine. I run something similar at home using a Draytek 120 modem and an Atheros mini-pci card.
    If you've been using IPFire you'll already be aware of most things to look out for. Like the fact that, unless you put in a firewall rule, your wireless network will be completely isolated from your lan.


    oh ok, what rule  would i need get file/print sharing from wireless to lan and vise versa ??

  • Netgate Administrator

    If you don't want or need any isolation between wifi and lan then just add a rule that allows any access:

    Allow, tcp/udp, wifi subnet, to any.

    Exactly like the default rule for lan. You can always add more rules later if want to block something specific.


  • If you don't want to allow all, the exact ports you need will depend on what operating systems and file/print sharing protocols you're using.  SMB/CIFS requires different ports to NFS or others. Similarly if you're using IPP for printing that requires different ports than if you're using LPD or CIFS/SMB.