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  • Finally found the best Hardware Firewall solution (Previously used Smoothwall and Monowall) won't be looking back.  Been using this solution (PC) since November and monitor forum on a regular basis,found the information excellent.

    I was contemplating on buying an ALIX System but after reading the forum I decided to purchase a Firebox on ebay the other day.  Can't wait to receive it. I also got the book for Christmas.

    Thanks again.


  • Firebox is an excellent platform for pfSense.  Can't believe Watchguard will charge actual money for enabling more than 3 NICs!!!

    I've pfSense'd an X700 with more RAM and a 2GB CF card, used for captive portal & VPN gateway - works brilliantly!

  • I only can confirm

    I am a sysop for a small factory in Thailand and I have to use old hardware (386 !). The previous hardware was only able to support pfsense 1.2.2 (because of a memory mapping problem and how BSD is handling the memory) and it was working fine for over 1 year without a glitch. I encountered a problem when we switched to google apps (from exchange) as I needed a rule to allow the non internet users to get their mail … and voila the V2 beta 5 is doing the trick!!!

    I did have to change the hardware : i got a newer (! year 2002) 386 board with 700something megabyte of ram and 40 gig harddisk, 2 nics and a cd player. It works great for a group of about 25 users of which 4 users are heavy internet users and about another 5 normal internet users. All have email accounts and antivirus installed.

    Thanks team ... you are making a great product! (and my life easier)

    Philip Van Cleven

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