• By popular demand, we've introduced this forum as another means of getting support.

    Pretty self-explanatory.  The only moderators at this point are the project committers.  We do plan on granting moderation rights to those who wish to have them, and have proven themselves worthy on the board.

    The international support section was added because we think it's a good idea.  Note that the core developers do not speak any languages other than English.  One of our committers, Holger Bauer, will be heading up the German board and Espen Johansen will be handling the Norwegian board. We are looking for contributors and moderators for each language, and will likely delete languages that aren't used within a few months.  If you want to see any other languages, please let us know.


  • How about adding Romanian to the supported language list ?

  • Romanian is added. Thanks for the suggestion.


  • Our fellow committer lsf volunteered to take care of a norwegian support board.  :D

  • Sweet, my norwegian is a bit rusty ::)

  • Thanks for making this forum!