2 DMZ zonez from one public c-class (transparent)

  • Hi All,

    Have not started working with pfsense yet, but I want to get startet, but have a little question (is the thread right?)

    I have a public c-class : /, can I make 2 DMZ zones (2 interfaces), and not using NAT? - with transparent IPs.

    ISP -> -> pfSense ->

    dmz1 = /
    dmz2 = /


  • I guess I need to enable bridging with the WAN interface?

    Read in the original m0n0 docs, that there is a problem with traffic from the bridge to a LAN host?

    "16.8. Why can't hosts on a NATed interface talk to hosts on a bridged interface?"


    This is also an "issue" on pfsense?


  • When I use the "bridge" option, I can't subnet some of the WAN - I would like to know if I can have 2 dmz zones with a subnet of the WAN - with transparent IPs

    But it don't looks possible.


    PS. (not much response to my thread)

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