Captive portal and OpenDNS

  • Hello!

    Is it possible to use CP with OpenDNS only on the Wifi (OPT2, Access Point) interface?

    I tried to configure the DHCP server on the Wifi interface to use the OpenDNS IPs as DNS servers which works fine. But then I can not reach the CP anymore, which is logical, since OpenDNS does not know anything about my CP. It seems that CP depends on the pfSense DNS server?! Thus I'm looking for a way to combine both - CP and OpenDNS after login….

    Is that possible?

    Thanks a lot!


  • What I ended up doing was use the openDNS for my main DNS on the pfsense box, and then configured all the rest of the network to use a different DNS given out by the dhcp.

  • Ah, ok, that's just "the other way around". Thanks for the hint! I'll try it this way….



  • I left my global DNS setting as provided from my ISP.  And leave the local OPT interface DNS config for the CP interface.  And I pipe OPT/CP traffic only through Squid.  Inside Squid I set the DNS provided by client.  This does a real nice job.  This solves your need, as it does mine.  And provides a real nice feature, even if the clients DNS servers entry is statically set, it will still resolve names from OpenDNS servers, transparent to the user, reducing the ability to get around my OpenDNS content filtering rules.

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