• Hello,

    I have a question, I currently got a pfSense server running multiwan to get my internetspeed boosted.
    However, I don't like the NAT/Firewall in pfSense at all.

    And here's my question, I have a Cisco firewall I'd like to use instead like this :

    INTERNET –-> pfSense server for multiwan (NAT/FW off) ----> Cisco Firewall ----> LAN

    Question is how i set up the pfsense server to get this working, I only want the pfsense server to do the multiwan thing and nothing else and let the cisco fw do the rest.

    Help/guide/tutorial is greatly appreciated!

  • No one that has a clue about this?  ???

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can't do multi-wan with the firewall off.

    Multi-WAN requires functionality in pf to handle the gateways and policy routing.

    You can turn off NAT, but you'll still need the firewall functionality on - you could use pass all rules if you don't want to block anything.

  • Yeah, how do I do that then? I want the pf to handle as little as possible but to maintain multiwan

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You disable NAT by going to Firewall > NAT, switch to manual outbound NAT, and delete all of the rules.

    As for the firewall rules, on the WAN tab you can add a pass all rule (any protocol, any source, any destination) and on the LAN side you just need rules that pass/direct the traffic into the gateway groups/load balancer pools

  • To disable NAT, you should go to:
    Firewall - NAT - Outbound and then "Manual Outbound NAT rule generation (AON - Advanced Outbound NAT)" with no rules. This disables NAT.

    I am not sure, if Multi-WAN works without firewall rules, because in the firewall rules you enter which gateway should be used. But you can create rules on every interface "Pass * * * * GW:Multi-WAN"

    Then you have to enter static routes on your routers or enable a routing protocol like RIP or OSPF.

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