Annoying behaviour with 'old' sessions

  • Hi All,

    This is REALLY getting on my nerves as it goes against the whole point of the CP:

    'Normal' users, who connect, are redirected to the login page, etc. get the behaviour I expect:  Any port access going out, limited bandwidth etc.

    'Logged out' users, or users who've timed-out but still have their browser open can carry on surfing (port 80 only) and get UNLIMITED bandwidth.

    What am I missing in the config?  I have idle time-out at 30 mins, Hard time-out at 0, disabled MAC filtering (in case it was a MAC masquerading issue from the WAPs).  It looks like any established:established states will persist regardless!

    Any ideas?


  • Got to the bottom of it:

    It was a problem with the (cheap) CF card the pfSense was installed on and the Realtek NICs doing the watchdog timeout thing - basically, made a mess of the whole CP behaviour.  Have moved to new hardware and all is fine.