• Hello All,

    Multiwan & Failover

    Today one of the secretaries in the office was to do an webinar for tax briefings by the state. This was setup through GoToMeeting. She could navigate the GoToMeeting main page till she got to her actual login. At this point Citrix connection client is downloaded(almost). It gets to practically 100% then throws an error of 'could not find entry dll'.
    Looking at GoToMeetings website this apparently happens quite often. It looks like it can be the actual  workstation that can cause the problem as well. Of course I did not have time to try any packet captures,etc. I did set her workstaion to bypass squid altogether,and that did not make any difference. This is of course an https site,for what it's worth. All of our https sites are working correctly,as the secretaries use lots of online banking stuff.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

    Thank You,

  • Used it quite successfully here.  Although we have no packages installed…

    Might look at your antivirus solution also...

  • We use it extensively. That's a generic Windows error, unlikely to be related to your firewall.

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