Firewalling from shell guide?

  • Is there any goood guidance on the firewall in pfsense from the command shell please?

    Just I wanted to change a few rules of mine, by complete accident I locked myself out of a file server and wanted to just do a basic nat to open that, once I have that sussed I can then open the web GUI (it is also that I have accidentally lost lol).

    If someone could refer me to a thread or tutorial guide I would be very greatful, might even keep using the shell instead of the gui to be fair, did that with Centos and see this as a decent learning curve, but hey can only improve my sysadmin skills.

    Any reply is as usual appreciated,

  • I have given up on trying to understand what it was I did, so I have decided to halt the system remotely.

    I have shut it down and will reboot when I get back home and restore to factory defaults and then reset everything back up, it won't get rid of any of my programs will it?

    I mean I have installed Bind but it won't make a mess of my configs for that will it?

    Thanks and I appreciate any replies,

  • A factory default shouldn't touch non-pfSense packages. I'm not entirely certain what will happen with other packages though - at the very least I'd expect their settings to be set to the defaults. You do have a backup of your settings?

  • Just in reply to what you have posted.

    I did to a restore to factory defaults, no it's fine it hasnt done anything with anything I installed outside of the pfSense GUI, so nothing major to worry about.

    Think to be fair it was just me getting far too ahead of myself to be brutally honest!

    Oh is there any reason why when I set State Timeout in seconds to say 60 (1 minute yea?)

    Then i set all the rest of those settings max no of connections etc to say 5, why when its after 60 seconds since that occured doesnt it go back to allowing me?

    I havent used that at the moment since the fear of locking myself out, but just wondered if thats a bug or something, or maybe I am interpreting the config menu wrongly?

    Please help just a bit annoyed at having to isolate it to my remote LAN I use from another site, to have to reset the rule each time, or at worst locking myself out again, hence why I have decided not to allow anyone else into this router as such.

    Any helps of course appreciated,

  • Go back to allowing you what? What rule are you having to reset? What version of pfSense are you using?

  • It does matter its sorted.

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