Dual Wan NAT quits working when WAN is down.

  • Hi folks!

    I have a dual wan pfsense router with a few NAT rules. When both WAN and OPT are up, everything works just fine. However, whenever one of the WAN connections fails, all NAT rules stops working. For the time being Im just using nat to translate a VNC connection, but I want to dump my current router and route SMTP traffic through WAN and OPT, whichever is up. As of now, OPT is the primary connection on the failover pool.

    The setup:

    Primary ISP - OPT
    Secondary ISP - WAN
    LAN - LAN

    VNC comes from WAN/OPT to LAN. SMTP traffic will work on same conditions.

    I've created all rules in pairs and changed the interfaces accordingly. All firewall rules seem to be correct, using default as the gateway.

    Can you please….., Help?

  • So, an update. I've discovered that if the OPT1 is down, pfsense will switch to the secondary ISP (on WAN) and NAT still work fine. However if WAN is down (default gateway down) NAT(-IN) stops working. Am I missing something here? Why won't pfsense switch gateways?

  • It appears that this issue is already being discussed.


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