OpenVPN executable

  • In the pfSense distribution, where are the OpenVPN files stored (the config files, the actual executable program, etc.)? I have to make some changes to allow machines on the server-side to access machines on the client-side on the VPN, and I've looked but I can't seem to find the files.


  • The files are beeing rebuilt every time you restart your server.
    But there is the field "custom options" in which you can add whatever you want to add to your config.

    to add several different lines you have to sparate them with a ";"
    i.e: push "redirect-gateway def1";push "dhcp-option DNS";push "dhcp-option DNS"

  • Thanks for the info.

    I'm trying to get the server-side LAN to be able to access the client-side LAN, and to do that, I have to create a folder in the OpenVPN root directory named with my client's certificate common name with a file that instructs OpenVPN to route requests for a certain subnet to that specific client.

    It's documented here: under "Including multiple machines on the client side when using a routed VPN (dev tun)"

    I just don't know where OpenVPN in pfSense lives.

  • at the terminal, type:

    which openvpn

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