Firewall - add a lot of rules

  • Hi guys!
    I wanna add portforwading to my internal Servers (HTTP, FTP and more) from a lot of my job external IPs (about 60 IP-addresses).
    Q. - How can i automate adding a lot of rules?
    Can i groupping my job IP-addresses to a alias or group and name it for example "TrustIPs" and set this Group as a "Source" in rules?
    Or can i do it directly from .conf file?
    If PfSsense has no such opportunity - its very bad! Because i'll must add about 250 Rules!!  :-
    Thanks a lot for answer!



  • Hi Skart,

    Can you explain how you fixed it. It can be helpful for the other members on the board.  …Actually im pretty interested at your version of the solution ;-)


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