First time trying this: Not getting very far after setup completed [RESOLVED]

  • Double checked everything.  On the client side, it's a Win7 system.  pfSense is an embedded system running 1.2.2
    I did alter things slightly by running the build-key-pass.bat and securing my private key file. That appears to be working.  I get prompted for the p/w and it takes it…and begins the connection attempt.  Otherwise, it's by the book.

    The last part of the log file is simply:
     Date: UDPv4 link remote: <my_ip_address>:1194
     TLS Error: TLS key negotiation failed to occurr within 60 seconds (check your network connectivity)
     TLS Error: TLS handshake failed
     TCP/UDP: Closing socket
     SIGUSR1(soft,tls-error) received, process restarting
     Restart pause, 2 second(s)

    Wish I had more info to provide. :(</my_ip_address>

  • You should be running 1.2.3.

    Then follow the documentation:

  • Okay…all updated to 1.2.3 now.

    Went through and changed some things back to how they were supposed to be according to the setup guide....and it's working now.
    Part of this though included having to use a WWAN card to make it so I was attempting to vpn in from the Internet....vs. from my own internal private network.  Apparently, that won't work. :)

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