Pfsense as VM - network setup advise needed

  • Hi Guys,

    after testing many other linux based firewall appliances, I found this great piece of software.
    It is exactly what I was looking for. So I started to test it on my Ubuntu home server as a KVM guest.

    Now, I want to go live with the following setup.

    pfsense WAN port is bridged to dedicated nic for use with the cable modem.
    pfsense LAN port is bridged to my local network and act as gateway and DHCP server.
    WLAN access point is connected to the LAN and is configured to use the pfsense gateway.

    What do you think? Is there any need for VLANs?



  • Not unless your network has vlans.  If you just have a single logical LAN network, no need to add this.

  • Thx, I thought so too :)

    Is there anything else i should take care?

  • Catfish,
    Here is what I do when running PFSENSE in VM Mode.
    I use a dedicated NIC for the WAN and for LAN.  With that in mind. THESE ARE DEDIDICATED ADAPTERS.  I am using a managed switch, I use port 1 and port 2 form the connection from the DSL switch and that is in VLAN 1.  In VLAN 2 I connec the rest of my computers.

    You can assign additional adapters up to 16 in 5.6 FP1.  That gives you alot of options.  Depending on the type of switches you have access to you can do alot really cool stuff with it.