PfSense to Endian Community Edition FW

  • I know there has been some brief discussion about this topic but so far I have not seen anyone come up with a working solution.

    I would like to switch my system over to pfSense, however I have a site-to-site vpn set up right now with Endian and both Endian and pfSense run Openvpn so that leads me to believe that the two can talk together.

    Endian uses auth-user-pass for both road warrior and site-to-site vpns.  I would like to get a configuration working so that pfSense can connect as a client or act as a server for Endian either way.  I would be willing to document this once working for a sticky on the forums if I could get someone who is familar enough with openvpn to work with me on it.

    Right now what I know is that an Endian road warrior client uses:

    dev tap
    proto udp

    pfSense on the other hand uses

    dev tun
    proto tcp (or udp really)

    It appears that pfSense is set up to allow multiple server configurations so I'm wondering if you could define a server in the gui and then use the custom options setting to modify the config so that it is compatible with the Endian.

    Anyone want to help with this project?


  • no takers?


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