Recurring Topic -> Captive Portal doesnt show when enabled…

  • Ok, the problem is the mentioned in TOPIC.
    It seems a recurring topic here, …im USING 1.2.3. (And i saw many 1.2.3 users having same problem
    with NO clear solution posted)

    Before posting i browsed for every possible suggested solution here, like...

    • Opening TCP/UDP on firewall to port 53, ie DNS...

    • Opening DNS address on CP tab for opening addresses,... this makes clients access open to web without CP
      because DNS server is DSL router and web gateway.

    http://LANadress:8000 works.. gives me the login page..
    Login work..

    DHCP is being done by DSL router in front of WAN, all in same subnet DSL, WAN, LAN, Clients

    Firewall rules, open DNS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, MSN, and a few... They work!
    On the end, i still dont get any Captive Showing up.

    Any HELP would be appreciated? Thanks in Advance.

    Marcos Palmeira