Routing one LAN traffic through a specfic WAN link

  • Hi guys,

    What I have right now is this:

    2 WAN links = WAN and OPT2
    2 LAN links = LAN and OPT1

    I have a specific LAN IP [] that needs to go out only through OPT2 - how do I do that?

    I realize it should be just a simple firewall rule, but I really can't figure out how to do it properly…

    The local IP is the mail server and I have the DNS MX records for it on OPT2. If I don't do this, the emails try to go out through WAN [a lot faster] but all my emails are filtered by remote mail servers [which is logical, as it's a simple dynamic PPPoE link for end-users with no DNS records]


  • Define the WAN1 gateway in the firewall rule for source on LAN tab.

  • For some reason I couldn't get 1:1 NAT to work properly. Kept messing up some other things…

    However, the second suggestion worked flawlessly.

    Thanks a lot guys, problem solved!

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