How can I permit messenger services

  • Hi,

    I am using Untangle in my office lan and I am trying to permit only Yahoo and Google Talk messaging service but its failing me. Either it allows everything or nothing. It is asking for some signatures to enable selective service which I have no clue of.

    Please advise how can I accomplish the same on pfSense.



  • Usually I just google the required or standard ports and allow those. If they don't work then bust out the wireshark and see what other ports are required.

  • Thanks for response.
    Blocking ports is leading me nowhere as there are other apps too that share the same port e.g. 443. If I block 443 then all those apps go sown too. Any other idea?

  • There is a package for proxying IM connections, or you could use the likes of Squid (with Squidguard) and only allow the destinations you want.

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