Config file Restore Error:( :'(

  • Hi folks,

    Today, I upgraded my pfSense to current version
    when I restoring my config xml file, it said some errors had been found on certain line.
    On that line, I found there were some error about xml tag, which were generated by my own vb program(I use it to generate my own static routes), for example <desc>test

    Now, I can't login WebUI, is there any suggestion?

    Also, I suggest to add validation function to the configuration restore page, which will prevent this kind of error in the future.


  • Reinstall and restore the config again without those tags. Or you could go to the console and use vi to edit the config file and reboot.

  • the bad news is that I can't access the router now:(
    and I have disabled SSH to save mem:(
    Is there any other remote way?


  • @xfgavin:

    Is there any other remote way?

    No, I am afraid not.

  • :'(

    Thanks you two

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