Captive portal local access

  • hi guy
    i have some probleam about cp portal. why some pc can't access captive portal and get error page in ie i don't know why not. pc 20 can access 10

    implement with pfsense 1.01

  • I'm not completely understanding the issue but a commen problem with CP not hitting the authentication page is not using the pfSense IP as DNS-Server.

  • normally when you access website the page is going to cp portal for authenicate. you can see conneting pang in under bar
    (1) opening page something like this
    and the page to authen username and password. but some pc in my network can't to be process (1)
    but some pc can not to be in process(1) has been opening page http://websitetogo and have error

    The page cannot be displayed

    i don't know what happen in my network
    1 lan

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