TCP Traffic over GRE over IPSEC tunnel gets blocked

  • Hello

    I cannot resolve a problem with a gre tunnels between 2 pfsense boxes. First i set up two IPSEC tunnels in tunnel mode between the WAN IP's.
    Then i created 2 GRE Tunnels between the 2 public IPs with the Network and

                                              /-WAN1<-------------IPSEC Tunnel------------>WAN1-<-[pfSense2.0RC1]                                                                          [pfSense2.0RC1]->
                                              -WAN2<–-----------IPSEC Tunnel------------>WAN2-/

    So far all good, pinging GRE Endpoints from each router works.
    Then activated RIP Routing Protocol on both boxes on the GRE Interface. Routes are exchanged and i can ping from both networks.
    But TCP traffic is all blocked. In the firewall rules i opened everything on the GRE interfaces. See picture:

    Here is the output from the firewall log:

    When clicked on a blocked entry the reason is:

    The rule that triggered this action is:
    @2 block drop out log all label "Default deny rule"

    I think i have already opened everythin on the firewall and I just can't find this rule in the FW settings.
    Or are the GRE Tunnels wrong configured?

    Thank you for any of your time, I am just getting frustrated! I tried now for days all kind of different settings but I always come to the same error.


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The blocked entries are the "return" traffic from the request - so you have some asymmetric routing going on.

    For example on the first line, what happened was: sent (somehow) a connection attempt (TCP SYN) to responded with a TCP SYN/ACK to open the connection – this part went over the GRE tunnel

    Because the firewall didn't see the SYN over the GRE tunnel, only the SYN/ACK, it dropped the packet because it was not part of an existing state, and it was not creating a new connection.

  • Hi

    Okay, i didn't take this in account. That's why ping work but not TCP. I tried now to figure out what could be wrong in my routing. The conclusion is that blocks do not not happen anymore if i do not run the traffic between the wan endpoints over ipsec. I tried tunnel mode in phase 2 from wan endpoint to wan endpoint and even transport mode.
    For some reason the Traffic is then no routed back to the GRE interface if IPSEC enabled. Is my concept wrong or what's the mistake?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Normally if you are using GIF/GRE you have IPsec in transport mode only, not tunnel mode. And the GIF/GRE tunnel is built between WAN IPs, just like the IPsec tunnel normally would.

    If you had gif/gre and IPsec in tunnel mode both at the same time, it might explain some inconsistent behavior.

  • @sili:
    Are you willing to share your GRE / IPSEC-config? I'm having similar probs and thinking that i made some config-errors. My counterpart is a cisco and i don't have access to the logs there.

    Second is that my GRE over IPSEC-knowledge is somewhat low.

  • Hello igor

    I am very sorry for my late reply. Somehow i didn't get a notification about your Post .
    And as I had other projects to finish I wasn't in the forum for some days now.

    Perhaps you have already solved your problems in the meantime.

    Because of these other projects I have purged the ospf/gre over ipsec setup. At the moment we have just one ipsec tunnel to each of our remote sites and we do manual failover in the case of an outate of one line. But I would be very happy to get this issue solved and to do ospf routing over VPN.

    As jimp has written the stateful packet inspection firewall of pfSense blocks the traffic because the TCP packets do not come back on the same interface as they were sent on. But i couldn't figure out what was wrong in the routing. Somehow I think that ipsec does not route traffic back to the gre interface. Do you/Did you have the same errors in the firewall log?

    Well, I try to set up a testing environment in the next days and hope to find an error. It would be very cool to get this working. If you wish i can send you my config then.

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