Help needed using Captive Portal for access for students

  • Having problems  with our  captive portal  it will not allow any students to login  we have made no changes except the wireless radius  certificate expired  once we renewed this the staff  who log on to the wireless through a staff secure area can log with there staff laptops  but not the students using their own hence the use of a captive portal.  this error is the only error we can find.  any help would be appreciated  the guy who set this up no longer works for us and left no notes

    openvpn[411]: Options error: Unrecognized option or missing parameter(s) in /var/etc/openvpn_server0.conf:14: lport (2.0.6)

  • Are you still looking for help with this issue?  I just found/installed pfsense and setup a portal for our students, so I might be able to help.  I'm using release 2.0-RC1, so if you're running something older I won't know anything about it.  Let me know.

  • TVCCAlan

    Thanks  for answering  my plea  for help. Like you i have just fresh  installed 2.0 RC1,which is now working. However i still have a problem  which i hope you can help me with  we use  a proxy  for our internet  and i an having  difficulty  working out how i get the proxy to work in Pfsense. the portal redirects if i put in the proxy manualy. Before it all went tits up it use to do this  itself .  as the last person did not leave any notes  i reaily dont know  where to add the proxy settings or if i need to configure the fire wall to allow the IP address of the Local authority proxy. Any help that you could give me or any guidence  would be appreciated

  • Is your network setup like:
    Client PC > Portal/pfSense > Proxy > Internet?

    Does it require authentication from users, or is your portal doing that (at least for the people who will be using it)?  I'm thinking the easiest way is just to add an exception to the proxy or router.  If I'm missing something, you'll have to forgive me.  It's been a few years since I've done anything with a proxy so "how a proxy works" isn't fresh in my mind.

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