User auth question

  • Hello,

    I was sort of disappointed to see that Remote Access (SSL/TLS + User Auth) only works with the internal user database in v2.0.  As a test, I currently have Remote Access(User Auth) working with LDAP to our AD.  My question is:

    What are the security implications of using User Auth only?



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It should be "good enough" in most cases, though you don't get the extra security of the certificates.

    The User Auth only still uses a tls key in addition to user auth, so it's still secure.

    I think there is an open ticket somewhere to open that up so that it can be used for other auth methods. It would just require making the certs in the cert manager (or elsewhere) manually instead of them being tied directly to user accounts as they are with Local auth.

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