PS3 issues.

  • We are having issues getting the ps3 to work with the firewall… bypass the firewall and it works great. any ideas of how to get these things to work.. I have tried just about every method people have posted and still cannot get it to work.

  • personally I just setup upnp and set it to the static IP I gave my ps3…. works for me. I see ea tunneling out everytime I play battlefield bad company 2 ..... really the only online game I actively play.

    side note... anyone notice if 2.0 has rules for the ps3?? 1.2.3 has rules for xbox by default. I used 2.0 but was discouraged because of time constraints so went back to 1.2.3 till I have a full day to mess with it before it needs to go into production at our home.... people cannot be bothered to not have internet at night.... things I put up with lol.

  • Just follow the XBox tutorial, same instructions.  Personally I use the UPnP method for the 2 XBoxes and 2 PS3s running in my home.,13887.0.html

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