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  • Just toying around with ideas here:

    Would it be possible to generate vouchers on a completely different system (not pfSense), based only on the Public/Private key pair, char set, bits, etc.??

    I ask for the obvious reason that it would be nice to be able to build an external website/server which could generate vouchers which would be accepted by the pfSense CP.

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    Why not just generate a bunch of them on the router, export them to CSV, and then use that as the data for your 'other site' that needs to hand out vouchers?

    If you copied the code to make the vouchers you could make them, but unless they are imported into pfSense somehow I don't see how it would consider them valid.

  • See, that's what I was wondering: when pfSense generates a list of vouchers, is it actually tracking those, then checking them off a list as they are used, or merely comparing them to the keypair for authenticity?

    If so, what's with the public/private key pair. By using RSA, its almost implies that anyone in possession of the key pair and variables should be able to generate authentic vouchers.

    My little not-for-profit is looking at providing a public Wi-Fi hotspot bet we are very concerned with getting people to agree to terms and conditions specifically stating that we will not be held responsible for the contents of their internet activity! We would like to do this by creating a webserver which would generate a voucher after they agreed to the T&C. The maximum number of vouchers pfSense will create (just over 1000), while not un-workable, is rather conservative for a public hotspot. We would like to avoid generating new vouchers every week and adding them to a database using phpMyAdmin.

    Furthermore, adding vouchers individually to an online "shopping cart" even if there is no dollar value associated, is an arduous task. Since all this work will fall to me (A.K.A. no one else is willing to learn) I would like the most automated solution possible; one which allows for two-week vacations once a year!


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    Nothing saying you have to remake them weekly, just make a bunch of rolls at a time.

    Individual vouchers are tracked, as they are no longer considered valid once they expired (if they have a time value).

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