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  • Hello Everyone,

    I have managed to install pfSense onto an old computer with 2 nic's i can access the web gui and it says that both the nic's are up and sending data.

    However i am unable to get access to the internet and i am sure there must be something i haven't done or done wrong. Is anyone able to guide me or show me what i might have missed.

    I am not sure where it says what subnet i should be using or how to sucessfully configure the DHCP..


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    You never bought a Watchguard then?

    How are you accessing the GUI? Is your pfSense box correctly issuing an IP address to your PC? (assuming you have LAN DHCP setup)

    How are you connected to the internet? What is your WAN connection?

    What version of pfSense are you running? What NICs are you using?


  • Hello,

    Never went for the watch guard in the end….space issues mainly.

    I would just like to say that my knowledge of networking is not amazing i have never done anything on this level before but always wanted to expand my knowledge so thought i would give this a try.

    "How are you accessing the GUI? Is your pfSense box correctly issuing an IP address to your PC? (assuming you have LAN DHCP setup)"

    I am accessing the GUI by doing to the IP address i assigned it, the IP address was assigned manually to the PC.

    "How are you connected to the internet? What is your WAN connection?"

    Usually i use a Netgear DG834G in Router Mode, But changed this for PfSense to Modem Only Mode.

    "What version of pfSense are you running? What NICs are you using?"

    I am using Version 1.2.3-RELEASE which i have installed to the HARD DRIVE. With the NIC's i am not sure the exact model but one is a Realtek and one is an Intel.

    My Findings

    I have been doing some more investigation with someone on another forum it would appear that the 'Modem' i am using had been NAT'ing my WAN address (see below)

    Firstly i had this output from the interface screen (before changing to modem mode) - which shows that my network address on the WAN is being NAT'ed

    I changed the settings on the DG834G to modem only mode and got this output from the interfaces;

    Looks like it has stopped NAT'ing the address but dosen't give me a IP at all from the modem now.

    My internet provider requires me to connect using PPPoA which i don't think that PfSense supports natively i had been told that setting up something like a double NAT would work but i am not sure.

    Not sure where to go from here…anyone with any advice/help/tips would be highly appreciated and i am sorry if my responses are not as one experienced user would expect.

  • One thing I noticed from your first screenshot is that your WAN is and your LAN is These networks overlap an you can not have two or more interfaces in a router defining the same network.

  • That may have been a result of me messing around with the setup which i changed in the second screen shot but made no effect to the internet connectivity.

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    The Netgear router is an ADSL box right?
    When it's in 'modem mode' does it still do the authenticating or does it expect you to do that using PPPoE?
    I use PPPoE on my 1.2.3 box with ADSL.


  • Steve,

    Thanks for taking the time to read through my waffle. :)

    When it is modem mode i am not sure if it asks me for a username and password as i didn't REALLY know the difference between PPPoE and PPPoA to be honest.

    If i put the router into MODEM mode and it dosen't ask for a username/password should i set the wan up as a PPPoE adapter?

    "The Netgear router is an ADSL box right?"

    That is correct, i am using ADSL.


  • The important difference between PPPoA and PPPoE is that PPPoA on WAN is not supported by pfSense. If your ISP really requires only PPPoA (and can not use PPPoE), then you will have to do the PPPoA somewhere other than on the pfSense WAN port - namely within your modem/router that you have been using up until now. Are you absolutely sure that your ISP does not support PPPoE?

    Having said that and you are boxed into PPPoA, you then need to have an IP address on the pfSense WAN port that does not conflict with the pfSense LAN network. The best case here would be to have your ISP modem/router pass its acquired public IP address to the pfSense WAN port via IP passthru. But the modem/router would have to support this - does it?

    If you can not do IP passthru on the modem/router, then you can leave the modem/router in NAT mode and have its LAN port assigned into a private IP network - probably just as you were using it before getting started with pfSense. Then you need to assign a private IP address on the pfSense WAN port that is in the same network as the modem/router's LAN port. Finally, you need to assign pfSense's LAN port an IP address in a different network than its WAN port. The downside to this is you will be doing double NAT.

  • Me To Broadband Supplier


    Quick question i am just trying to setup a pfSense box and wanted to know if Xilo supports PPPoE login?


    Broadband Supplier To Me

    XILO Staff - 14 Mar 11 4:23:04 PM

    Hi Richard,

    It'll work just fine - I use it here :)

    You will need a modem do take the session to the line though, unless you have a DSL card in the machine.


  • Looks like you are all set. Just set the pfsense WAN port to PPPoE and provide your username/password there.

    The modem/router you are using now will have to be placed into bridging mode.

  • Netgate Administrator

    Ah, your in the UK, same as me.
    You should be good.  :)
    Xilo look like a good company, that's some pretty nice customer support.


  • Yep in the UK and Xilo are great - Got an update;

    Turned my router into modem only mode and it dosen't do auth when it is in that mode so i filled in the WAN screen in pfsense with my username and password in PPPoE mode and this is what i get on the interface screen now.

    BUT still no internet just times out, i am sure i must have missed something out?!

    Any chance i could see your config Steve?

  • You neglected to post "what i get on the interface screen now." You might want to preview posts first.

  • I didn't just the upload site is down….working now :)

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    Your gateway is wrong. Have you set that manually? It should be receiving that from Xilo.


  • Your WAN has a Gateway of No way that can possibly be correct. How did that get there?

  • No i didn't it set that itself.

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    It seems to be some sort of hangover from your original configuration, in your second post.
    Try setting it to static, removing the gateway, saving and then reverting to PPPoE.


  • If that's a leftover, I'd call that a bug.

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    If that's a leftover, I'd call that a bug.

    Me too!  ::) Not too many people switch their WAN type regularly.

    You could check your system log, you should see the output from the PPPoE dialup process including the IP information given to you. Check that they are sending you a gateway.

    If it comes to it you can manually edit your config.xml file.


  • Looks like you were right, hooked up a monitor and reset to factory defaults and look what i have now.

    Posted this from my pfsense box connection :D

  • Netgate Administrator

    Welcome to the club!  ;D


  • Now i need to get some add-ons to do what i signed up for.

    Web filtering based on mac address - is this possible
    Web tracking - track what sites people have been on
    Squid - Is this easy to setup?

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