VmWare problem routing on multiple LAN Vswitch

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    Using 1.2.3 current in production. I had setup 3 more interfaces as Vswitches without nic's attached.

    When done, the Vm's did act as normal and could be connected. Over time, they lost their ARP entry and could not be connected to via remote desktop from external IP address. When I did a console login to the Vm's, and accessed the internet, the ARP entry would show up as normal.

    No I could connect from external IP address. Over time it lost connection again, and I had to do it all over again.

    On the normal LAN segment, it works without issues. As soon as I move it to the other segments, it loses connection after a while.

    The Nic has had its sleep mode removed, so it should be online all the time. Nothing shows in the logs, except that the ARP entry is not there.

    Any ideas to what is causing this?

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